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Let's build 

more community spirit and participation 

across Guyana

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The MISSION of Communities-GUYANA is to foster community spirit and participation in the over 585 communities across the country. To achieve this, Communities-GUYANA has created

this online platform to publicize community activities and to promote the work of community groups. Such publicity may inspire others to engage in similar actions and could also attract the attention of those who may wish to support your efforts, group, or community.

With time, Communities-GUYANA hopes to spur a national movement in civic participation, where Guyanese from all walks of life take pride in, and work to better, their communities. This aspiration includes building both nicer physical spaces as well as stronger cohesion and cooperation among residents.


WRITE US about any of your community activities and/or about your community group. We will post your information on the Communities-GUYANA website. No activity or group is too small. Fill and submit the WRITE US form or email us at


It takes a village, not a community centre

One suspects that many centres have fallen into underuse or disuse mostly because of the scarcity of activities... More...

BV-Triumph NDC: whither local democracy? 

Within the Beterverwagting/Triumph Neighbourhood Democratic Council, there seems to be an inner cabal where decisions are made to the extent that the full NDC and, by extension, the community are ignored and unaware of. More....

More Community Policing Groups formed

The relaunch of the Community Policing Groups (CPG) last November has seen membership of the organisation increasing to 3,223 with 182 active groups. More...

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Daag Point residents break deadlock

THE deadlock between residents of Daag Point, Region Seven, which resulted in recent protests, has been broken with representatives agreeing to work together for the development of the community. More...


I am a writer, researcher, and publisher on diverse topics such as constitutional reform, political science, higher education, mining policy, and earth sciences. I am an advocate for the full activation of the constitution, especially where it speaks to national unity and inclusionary democracy, and to social, economic, and human rights.

I believe that without stronger communities, Guyana cannot deliver a better quality of life for its citizens. 

Sherwood Lowe


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To inspire others,

publicize your activities

Working with our NDCs

to help build communities

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A source of information

and inspiration

Getting data and reports

on your community 

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History, people, and living

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