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On this page, we post news on community activities, large or small, from coast to hinterland. Clean-up exercises, welfare and outreach programs, sport and recreational events, and repairs and rehab of facilities...we want to hear what you, the residents, have done. Use the WRITE US form to send info or contact us by email at Communities GUYANA. We will add the news to the site. Lack of coverage gives the impression little is being done in communities.

Beterverwagting/Triumph Community Beautification Project


  • Focus on aesthetics, not just on sanitation.

  • Serving as inspiration to other citizens.

  • Focus on both soft landscaping (decorative plants, etc) and hard landscaping (pathways, sidewalks, etc). 

A voluntary  effort TO ENHANCE THE AESTHETICS OF PUBLIC SPACES in the BV/Triumph community. Projects will involve landscaping, gardening, painting, removal of waste, and erection of and repairs to small infrastructure.

The project was initiated and is currently spearheaded and funded by residents Sherwood Lowe and Dr Hazeline Smith-Lowe (husband and wife).

BV Police Station Mnagement Committee. Communities-Guyana


  • Focus on welfare and humanitarian projects

  • Focus on school children and the elderly

  • Strong on partnerships. 

Beterverwagting Police Station Management Committee

The Beterverwagting Police Station Management Committee (BVPSMC) was established in February 2017.  Its main objectives are: (i) to involve civilians in monitoring the performance of BV Police Station; and (ii) to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the BV Police Station through the help and support of members of the community.

BVPSMC's scope of operations stretches from Better Hope to Mon Repos.  Membership includes a former Chairman of the BV/Triumph NDC, businessmen, nurses, teachers, and market vendors.

From its 2018-2020 Reports of Achievements, submitted to Communities GUYANA (thank you!), the committee has engaged in several activities that involved social development, welfare/humanitarian, and the physical enhancement of public facilities, foremost among which was the BV Police Station.

The committee has partnered with several other entities including schools in its designated area (Better Hope to Mon Repos), business entities, and the LBI/Better Hope and BV/Triumph NDCs. Its programs have benefitted police ranks, the elderly, and primary school children.

ECHO esized.jpg


  • Nation-wide focus

  • Focus on greening and recreation facilities

  • Tree planting target: 3 million trees

  • Open to volunteers

The Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO)

The Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) is in the process of finalising arrangements to begin a special and new environmental initiative, Platform for Community Development Guyana (PFCDG). This is a community-based grassroots initiative that aims to help secure and protect the ecology and public health of local communities across Guyana. It is a circle of hands from different cultures working together to protect and promote the health of the environment and to help keep our communities safe.

This initiative emerged out of a deep understanding of the importance of the natural environment to the health and wellbeing of communities and their residents and our country as a whole.

An important aspect of this initiative is its Sustainable Environmental Enhancement Plan (SEEP). A major activity of this plan is to plant 3 million trees, by the end of December 2021 in different parts of Guyana. The activity is expected to start in late August of this year.

The platform for Community Development Guyana would also be looking at other things in communities including water, sanitation, recreational facilities, outdoor gyms and fitness facilities, and urban agriculture. It would also help to organize local communities and work with community leaders to mobilize resources for various developmental projects.

The platform for Community Development would be enlisting volunteers for its massive tree planting activity scheduled for August 2020. Citizens and individuals, who are interested must call telephone#: 592 690 9810 for more information.


Gwendaline Dejesus. Communities-Guyana


  • Community development plan submitted to the ministry

  • 300 members strong

  • Experienced leadership

Long Creek Community Development Council

The 300-member Community Development Council (CDC) at Long Creek on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway was established in September 2020, spearheaded by Gwendaline De Jesus (photo), a veteran educator. The CDC has crafted an emergency and a long term proposal, which it submitted to the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development for guidance and approval. 


The document proposes the construction of a resource centre for skills training of youths and to serve as a meeting place for village activities. Also proposed are a storage facility and farming relief in the form of equipment for the residents. Along with developmental aspects, the plan also highlighted the need for potable water and electricity. 


According to Gwendaline De Jesus: “We want youth development so the young people in this village will not have to leave the village to look for work; they can stay and be employed through their own small businesses and other entrepreneurial aspects in this community.”


Linden Fund Trust. Communities-Guyana


  • Empowering women in households.

  • Focus on grassroot environment protection. 

  • After-project monitoring of impact.

Linden Fund Trust 

The Linden Fund Trust was formed in 1998 with the goal of creating a healthy community.  It is governed by a Board of Trustees and a Board of Directors. Its main agenda includes 

environmental awareness and stewardship, community dialogue and cohesion, education, and youth empowerment.

Women in Waste Management Project

The Women in Waste Management project was organized by the Linden Trust Fund to train up to 100 homemakers to effectively manage household waste.

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