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My recent letters to the BV/Triumph NDC

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Dear Chairman:

More NDC Notices required

I was at the NDC office today and was hoping to use the opportunity to inform myself of the decisions and activities of the NDC by reading the notices. Unfortunately, the few notices did not provide much. I hereby encourage the NDC not to overlook the value and the statutory requirement of keeping residents informed on matters that affect them. The law even requires the minutes of council meetings to be made publicly available. While modern communication technologies are available, the regular posting of notices in the NDC office would suffice for now. I have attached a template for the heading of notices that your secretariat may find more public-friendly.

Cooperatively, Sherwood Lowe Resident

21 September, 2020


Good morning, Chairman:

Strategy to maintain canals

Sometime last year, I was pleased to see council workers clearing the Republic Drive canal of vegetation and thrash using rakes. I wish to encourage the NDC to continue this practice, especially after the canals are dredged. The cost-effectiveness of this approach justifies itself.

Granville Park, BV (
Granville Park canal, BV

To clear, for example, the Granville Park canal (photo) of vegetation and thrash would take no more than a few man-hours each month, even if weeding of the canal banks is included. In areas where a canal passes in front of homes, residents can be encouraged to help with the effort.

Over time, a canal-cleaning work schedule could be optimized to ensure all village canals can be maintained at the least possible cost.


Sherwood Lowe


21 September, 2020


Due to financial constraints the NDC is unable to finance manual cleaning of drains. Over the years our NDC was fortunate to benefit with the assistance from the Ministry of Communities by the CIIP program. However due to the meager and untimely wages paid to the men and women who worked under this program, the NDC was unsuccessful in securing the minimum quota of laborers to work between the communities of Beterverwagting/Triumph for 2020.

In relations to the debri left on the parapet by this exercise. I am cognizant of the fact of the squalid appearance throughout the village. NDIA set out a 7 billion work program every year and to cut cost the engineers do not include removing the debri that comes out of the drain. I’ve voiced my concerns about the dismal approached to these work program On many occasions. I’ve even written NDIA multiple times. However the response always involve the cost rhetoric.

Highest Regards

Jimmaul Bagot


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